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The Big Apple


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Автор: AMD and Spalny_Vagon
Автор перевода: Spalny_Vagon
Язык: Английский
Лор: Полностью подходит для мира игры
Распространение: Требуется разрешение от автора

Добавлено: 3 июля 2015
Обновлено: 13 января 2023 | Updated to version 7.22
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Huge city. 9 worldspaces (including: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Airport JFK, Central park, Richmond).

About 250 interiors.

More than 40 quests.

The storyline suggests approximately one week of playing time. If the player likes look under every rock, I guarantee to him at least a month of the game.

What else?

Two radio stations (they were not translated).

Several hundred actors (alas, they are not voiced).

New weapons (not a lot, our mod - not about weapons)

New monsters (about ten species, they introduce diversity and help to create the right mood)

Gameplay: theft, traps, the need to pay for the night.

Optional: dark nights, hardcore mode. Do not use it in conjunction with other similar features done!

Some quests (objectives) are not obvious. The player must carefully read the dialogues and messages, in order to cope with the task.

The quest starts near Small Ranch (Springvale).

Обсуждение русской версии \ Russian version comments here:

Русская локализация здесь (russian localization here):
readme (https://drive.google.com/)
readme (https://anonfiles.com/


Updated to version 7.22
Lots of new beauty were added. Especially in the republic on Manhattan and Tandy's Diner.
The archives have been completely updated. There is no need to start a new game, but Archive
Invalidation may be useful.

Updated to version 7.2
The quest marker system has been completely overhauled. Now you do not need to busy your brains for a long time about what to do and where to go. Miss Ellie living in the collector has finally completed the construction of her underground bar. Also a lot of signs have appeared in the city, especially in Manhattan.
Players must update all archives and delete all previous files and save NY mod.


1. Fallaut 3 + patch 1.7

2. All official DLC

3. Metropolis_us.esm

4. Metropolis_us-Ingestibles.esp (if you going to use hardcore mode)


I do not have any mods on my computer. Maybe it's hard to believe, but true. So I can say absolutely nothing about the compatibility of the "Big Apple" with other mods.

About companions.

You can not take companions from DC. Because some things in the presence of satellites will look 

ridiculous, for example, theft of property in a dream, or a fist fight with a boss. Maybe you manage 

to get companions in New York illegally or with the help of some mods, but I don't advise it, 

especially if they are the quest NPC.


I would surely agree to let people to use this mod, but I would like that you contact me first if you want to use this mod for whatever purpose.


Thanks to all collaborators:

A4081 (meshes), Stalker 992 (interiors, quest), Mad le Zisell (radiostation), Alizy (design of Queens, quests), Alexeich (meshes, textures), KAIN48 (ships), TOXA01 (meshes) and Miss Galko for her collection of costumes.

Special thanks to PROMETHEUS_ts. It was he who at one time inspired AMD to create this mod.

Also special thanks to K2 whose ideas formed the basis of the bar Coyote.

This list likely is not final and I'll be happy to complement it.

The Big Apple Database (Google disk)
The Big Apple Database (https://anonfiles.com/)

How to download main files (esm and esp)?  - Login and press the button below.


Для распаковки архивов *.7z используйте архиватор 7z.
Для распаковки архивов *.Rar используйте архиватор WinRar.

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