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Adaptation of armor / clothing under the body [DEM] Demonica
cs_spawn  Offline Сообщение №1 написано: 08 Сентября 2017 в 13:01 | Отредактировано: cs_spawn - Воскресенье, 10 Сентября 2017, 12:10

Adaptation of armor / clothing under the body [DEM]Demonica "Lilith" & "Eva" SLE / SSE Kris † a ™
Kris † a ™: CG Art & Games Modding
For those who want to help the project [LB], [DEM]"Lady Body": Ya.D. purse 410011270476835, MasterCard: 5213243845047925 (10/21)
more info here

Цитата Kris † a ™; 1287123 ()
The topic is working and for a long time. On this - a request to communicate only in the case and the essence.
Any whining about the money, whatever the toad is strangling or not - does not interest anyone. Your personal opinion on this issue, leave it to yourself.
Let it remain personal ... there is nothing to throw them where not getting.

The other day I talked with Kristina about the adaptation of vanilla armor under DEM. In general, I wanted to ask her to adapt to Requiem v1.9.4.1. but it happened)
in short, it's about a lot of money, which is not surprising the work is just an exorbitant land.

The main thing. there is a question on the adaptation of all vanilla and even what is interesting under DEM. all this requires time and money.
who thinks about this? please do not hesitate - we speak.

Цитата Kris † a ™; 1286994 ()
By the time ... work for about half a year.
On the subject of vanilla - personally my opinion ... it should be thrown away on the trash and replaced with more quality kits. And it does not matter where these kits come from.
For example ... some of them can be used from the Witcher 2-3. In tomzhe witcher 2 - they are an order of magnitude higher than vanilla Skyrim. Not to mention the kits from the third witcher.

Accordingly, at the cost there are no secrets.
Adaptation of one set - $ 50 (+/- depending on complexity, but within reasonable limits). Have to adapt about 20 sets.
Also ... any help from other modmakers is welcome, at the same cost ... the more willing to help - the faster we'll manage.

Цитата Kris † a ™; 1287035 ()
Since this is a fairly bulky mod and requires a fairly extensive and thorough test, as soon as the mod is created - spread test versions (for example: starting with 5 ready-made sets). But its test version will be available only to those who supported the project. The rest will have to wait for the final version.

and add more, because if you adapt the armor, it means that the body of DEM can be given to all SKYRIMA characters. this is very important!
Adaptation will occur in stages. Access to testing will be received only by those who have invested. the rest will wait for the release. But there it is no longer known whether it will be free al.

And so the process is started all payment information here(http://modding.club/faq-pravila/)
only after you donate a penny for a good cause and this will be confirmation you will get to the list of patrons who will be published here.

Your names will fall into the history :) list of patrons under the spoiler in Russian topic

if something is wrong, do not hesitate, write to HP

the concept of the adaptation itself will / may look like this:
1. only the body of EVA will adapt (since it is the most perfect)
2. The mod will have a master file, which will allow DEM to coexist with other body, as well as simplify the adaptation and modification.
3. DEM will remain a separate race but with its own set available only to the player (if desired, you can give the whole world)
4. Adaptation will begin with the reservation.
5. Vanilla kits will be revised and / or replaced if possible.
6. Masterfile will create an adaptive dummy for any body(?)

naturally during the process something that can change / add

мастер танца с бубном
morfeasnikos  Offline Сообщение №2 написано: 08 Сентября 2017 в 16:28 | Отредактировано: morfeasnikos - Пятница, 08 Сентября 2017, 16:34


Thank you for the English thread .... My English are terrible but they are better from my Google translate Russian 
All the females will have the EVA body and all the armor/cloths etc will be fitted for this body as far i understood !
For the Steam its not good to post such topics ... Maybe if you insist they will ban you !
A steam Group that ppl can join and talk about it its ok
For example a Demonica club with only invited users .

cs_spawn  Offline Сообщение №3 написано: 08 Сентября 2017 в 17:41

morfeasnikos,  yes all standard clothing armor, etc. will be adapted for DEM. you do not need to worry about what your character looks like. all that you find in the world of the game and dress will be correctly displayed. And as for Steam, well, let's see :)
p.s my English is not better than your Russian :)

мастер танца с бубном
morfeasnikos  Offline Сообщение №4 написано: 08 Сентября 2017 в 20:00


cs_spawn, Ok then i use the other forum  :)

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